Data Call Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of infotainment feeds for the digital signage industry. The company’s information feeds can be seen throughout digital signage networks in numerous venues such as shopping malls, highways, sports stadiums and arenas.

Plasma and LCD dynamic displays are rapidly replacing printed marketing materials such as signs, placards, etc. In the past two years, as the cost of platforms, supporting infrastructure and displays has fallen dramatically, digital signage has become more accessible to a wider range of companies. The increasing demand for digital signage is the most significant indication that the industry has come of age.

Digital signage presentations are typically comprised of repeating loops of information used to brand, market or sell a company’s products or services. But once seen, this information becomes repetitive and viewers will tune it out. This results in low retention of the client’s intended message. However, as the cost of deployment decreased, companies began focusing on attention-grabbing dynamic content.

This focus on “dynamic” content is where Data Call Technologies is different than many of their competitors. Even in the earliest stages of the industry, Data Call recognized that many of the players in the industry lacked a key component that would become an integral part of any successful implementation of digital signage – active content.

As the digital signage industry has matured, the “dynamic” characteristic of the presentation has taken center stage. A pioneering company like Data Call Technologies now has a clearer picture of what digital signage is, what is needed for a successful implementation and the best use of content space. Active, dynamic content is now on many companies’ “needs” list because it is proven to draw customers to the core message and keep customers engaged throughout the presentation. Data Call stands ready to serve this rapidly growing market.

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