In a time of general business contraction, Data Call Technologies Inc., key provider of real-time content for digital signage, has once again extended its market. The company recently announced that it is now delivery its digital signage products to Kingston, on the island nation of Jamaica. The move is seen as the latest step in Data Call’s ongoing Caribbean and European initiatives, and just the beginning of a major global outreach.

Jim Ammons, Data Call Technologies Chairman, commented, “We’re truly excited that our products are now being provided in Jamaica. We expect strong continued growth in the Caribbean nations as they seek to deliver real-time, dynamic, and relevant information to island visitors.”

The company also announced that it has now installed products in Hilo, Hawaii, another example of how island retailers, who face unique marketing challenges, are being brought into the digital age. This expands Data Call’s total U.S. distribution coverage to 37 states.

Helping to fuel the expansion is the fact that the cost of digital platforms, displays, and supporting infrastructure are falling dramatically, making digital signage increasingly attractive to a wider range of businesses. Digital signage is now recognized as the premiere method to connect people with relevant information, with the worldwide digital signage industry topping $2 billion, on its way to an estimated $3 billion by 2011.

Data Call plays an important role in the support of digital signage effectiveness by providing real-time content information feeds, helping to draw viewer attention to digital messages. Digital signs, including Data Call feeds, can be seen at airports, sports arenas, banks, clinics, car dealers, manufacturing plants, elevators, and, of course, on billboards. Their feeds can even be sent to cell phones.

Data Call is committed to expanding its product offerings, and plans to move into other vertical markets within targeted industries.

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