An audio interview with Data Call Technologies, Inc. Chairman Jim Ammons is now available at During the interview, Mr. Ammons illustrates the history and overview of the company, along with the growth of the digital sign industry in recent years.

Over the past few years, digital signage has been expanding into consumers’ daily lives, being featured in banks, grocery stores, and gas stations, reflecting an estimated $2-3 billion dollar industry in 22 countries worldwide. During the interview, Mr. Ammons also speaks on the company’s competitors, incredible growth rate, as well as plans for international expansion.

In the six-minute interview, Mr. Ammons stated, “We average about 30 to 40 new accounts every single month. We have thousands and thousands of locations, from military bases to sports stadiums, even the Plaza Hotel in New York. The industry we are in is made up of commerce from A-Z. It’s hard to comprehend, but with digital signage we can develop your own television broadcast that puts your own messages inside your business.”

Mr. Ammons continued, “We are exploring the opportunities with our partners in Japan, the UK, France and Germany. Now that you can find us in 36 states, with many installs in progress around the world, we are looking at a global initiative. I’d say that within two years Data Call will probably be found in 20 countries. We just need to let people know who we are and what we’re about. I’m sure they’ll be very pleased with the progress and the growth of Data Call Technologies.”

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