Data Call Technologies Inc. offers a wide variety of real-time content information feeds that can be seen through digital signage networks in numerous venues. These venues include: elevators, airports, highways, shopping malls, sports stadiums and arenas.

Digital Signage Today’s survey of 600 industry executives found that 64 percent of respondents would outsource all or part of their content creation. This survey reinforces the notion that there are countless opportunities for a company like Data Call Technologies in the digital signage industry.

Whether it’s general entertainment information (news, sports, stocks, etc.) or location-targeted active content (weather, traffic, etc.), research is validating the long-held assumption that active content draws viewers to digital signage and keeps them engaged throughout the presentation. Data Call is unique in the industry with its emphasis on active, real-time content.

Over the past few years, Data Call has worked with the industry leaders in digital signage to develop the data formats and communication methods to allow the company’s active content to be easily integrated into their hardware and software products.

Data Call has enjoyed success with its active content. Arbitron conducted a survey in late 2006 which pointed out one example of the company’s success. The survey was conducted of customers exposed to a digital signage implementation installed in a fast food walk-in chain. Data Call’s active content contributed to 62 percent of those surveyed responding that the presentation enhanced their experience or made it somewhat better.

The word is getting out to the business community about what the company’s active content can do for its customers. It is little wonder then that Data Call is experiencing such rapid growth in its business.

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