Data Call Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of news, sports, weather, financial and other infotainment feeds for the digital signage industry. The company’s information feeds can be seen throughout digital signage networks in numerous venues. These venues include: freeways, airports, sports arenas, shopping malls, elevators, cell phones, etc.

For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2008, Data Call had an increase in sales revenue of 173% from 2007 while decreasing expenses by 49%. Much of the increase in revenue occurred in the last three quarters of 2008. This excellent performance was due to the company’s ability to adjust their capabilities and offerings to reflect the growth and maturation of the digital signage industry.

Data Call chairman, Jim Ammons, noted, “2008 was a landmark year for Data Call. Even though economic challenges have had a negative impact, we are striving to expand our product offering and move into some of the vertical markets in our industry such as systems installations, network management, etc.”

The company’s CEO, Tim Vance, stated, “We are successfully improving our operational performance. In 2008, we successfully implemented several initiatives that resulted in substantial cost saving as we continued the exceptional growth of our subscription base. Unlike similar companies in this industry, we remain agile enough to shift with industry changes.”

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