Data Call Technologies Inc. is moving forward with its earlier announced plan to acquire PrioServ, Inc., a private technology service company specializing in the installation, deployment, and management of digital signage systems, in addition to VOIP, corporate networks, and the installation and management of associated servers.

PrioServ’s strong background in the installation and support of digital signage systems fits perfectly with Data Call’s content provision capabilities. PrioServ has been contracted to handle service work for existing networks residing in most of America’s sports stadiums. It has also been contracted to handle digital signage installation for 24 Northern California Bank of America branches as well as 115 Digital College Network installations in colleges and universities all over the country. Data Call digital signage content feeds are used by sports arenas, banks, airports, clinics, manufacturing plants, and a wide variety of other businesses and institutions nationwide.

Data Call CEO, Tim Vance, commented on the goal of the acquisition, “This acquisition will strongly assist Data Call in posturing itself for the expected growth in the technology industries for both Digital Signage and IT networks. The added service that Data Call will be able to provide its partners is exponential. We have been assisting with network deployments for quite some time, and the ability to offer these more specialized services brings Data Call to the next level of expertise.”

Data Call Chairman, Jim Ammons, added, “As our partners and clients are gaining growth momentum, and Data Call has been in the forefront of the industry providing the stability to assist in our clients’ growth. We have become a trusted name in the industry. As our partners and clients continue their growth, this acquisition will provide our customers with the reliability found in our data products, streamlined into further national deployments and installs as well as network management. I am truly excited to see what the future is bringing.”

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