Data Call Technologies, Inc. announced after the closing bell today that, to date, the company’s products and services are being delivered to 36 U.S. states. CEO and Co-Founder Tim Vance commented, “Our immediate plans are to expand into the remaining states, as well as work our way into other global markets.”

Approximately 5 years ago, Data Call began supplying a basic package of information feeds to a few digital signage deployments in Texas. At the time, the company’s aim was to add to, refine, and polish the services provided to a young, rapidly growing industry. Since then, the industry as a whole, as well as Data Call, has seen triple digit increases in the number of deployments and generated revenues. This rapid growth is expected to continue as experts project the digital signage industry, in America alone, will grow to $2.6 billion in 2010.

Last year, Data Call expanded its national reach, delivering to a total of 15 states. This growth extended the company’s reach beyond the original restaurant installs in Texas to include banks, medical facilities, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, office buildings, sports arenas and billboards across the country. The company’s ability to achieve this growth was mainly due to its flexibility and willingness to adapt to a fast-growing industry, while continuing innovation and offering a positive value proposition to their clients.

Over the past twelve months the industry has seen additional technology developments that are quite positive for Data Call Technologies. Among them are more user-friendly applications that drive easier and larger digital network deployments. Additionally, more and more global corporations are buying into, and investing in, digital signage.

Mr. Vance added, “While providing a well-rounded body of services to the industry, we continue to innovate new products and services that will add additional value to our current customer base. This strategy will enable us to offer an attractive product line and price point to penetrate global markets.”

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