Data Call Technologies Inc., digital content provider for the fast growing digital signage industry, is continually increasing the number and type of content feeds it offers, allowing clients to better fit the message to the market. This dynamic and compelling content is designed to draw the viewer’s eyes to the digital sign, thereby gaining more exposure to the sign’s main message.

Below are some of the many content options available, from which digital sign clients are free to pick and choose.

• General Interest Content – Daily Trivia, Born On This Date, This Date In History, Thought For The Day, Today’s Horoscopes
• Weather, Location Specific – Current Conditions, 48-Hour Forecast, 7-Day Forecast, Weather Alerts, Area Doppler Radar, Regional Composite Radar, National Composite Radar, Next Day Forecast Map
• Traffic Reports – 50 Major Metro Areas
• Sports – Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Soccer, NCAA Football, NCAA Men’s Basketball, PGA Golf, NASCAR, Sports Headlines
• Financial – Financial Markets, U.S. Financial Headlines, Canadian Financial Headlines
• News – Top Headlines, Business Headlines, Sports Headlines, Science/Health News, Entertainment Headlines, Quirky News Bits, Homeland Security & FEMA News, Customs & Border Protection
• Miscellaneous – Amber Alerts

Data Call can also provide custom client content where required, along with company logos. All content data feeds are available in various formats: ASCII, XML Micro, XML Grouped, XML Ungrouped, RSS, and LED. In addition, clients can instantly and easily communicate news, information, and promotions to all of their digital sign locations worldwide, whether at airports, sports arenas, banks, clinics, car dealers, manufacturing plants, elevators, billboards, or even cell phones, by using Data Call Express Messaging.

The company also provides digital signage hardware, including 37” to 42” flat panel displays, along with stands and mounts. And all of these offerings are expected to increase, as digital signage and Data Call continue to spread around the world.

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