Data Call Technologies, Inc. announced this morning that it has increased its distribution network by delivering digital signage products and services to Kingston, Jamaica. In the press release, the company told investors that this is only the beginning of the promised global outreach as they continue to execute their strategic European and Caribbean initiatives over the next two years.

“We’re truly excited that our products are now being provided in Jamaica,” stated Jim Ammons, Data Call Technologies Chairman. “We expect strong continued growth in the Caribbean nations as they seek to deliver real-time, dynamic, and relevant information to island visitors.”

Data Call also announced that its products have been installed in Hilo, Hawaii, bringing its distribution network to 37 states. With the cost of platforms, supporting infrastructure and displays falling dramatically, digital signage is becoming more accessible and advantageous to a wider range of companies. Creation of individualized content brings island retailers into the digital age and provides increased customer retention.

Data Call continues to aggressively identify and provide key information to specific audiences around the globe. As the premiere method of connecting people with relevant information, the digital signage industry is topping $2 billion worldwide. Data Call is at the forefront of this industry, delivering dynamic and high-impact content to meet rising consumer demand.

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