Data Call Technologies Inc. couldn’t have chosen a better industry to be in, considering the anticipated growth of digital signage over the next several years. Sometimes there’s a situation where market demand and technology both converge at a single point in time, providing an unusual opportunity for the right companies. Such is the case with digital signage and Data Call.

Digital signage is evolving to meet the mass market. Hardware and software costs are falling dramatically, and the industry is searching for differentiators other than pricing. By 2011, some predict industry sales of close to $3 billion. Data Call seems to be in the perfect position to ride this wave, offering a differentiating product that is both valuable and unique. The product is real-time content, consisting of news, weather, sports, traffic, financial, and other information, which draws viewer eyes to digital signs, allowing the main message to be seen. Data Call is rapidly becoming a “must have” component in the digital signage mix.

Prior to digital signage technology, dynamic messaging, and the kind of real-time content offered by Data Call, the landscape was largely limited to the Internet or television broadcasts. But the Internet wasn’t of much use for display signage requirements, and television, though entertaining, was ineffective at capturing viewer attention for the primary message. The demand was there, and digital signage provided the technology.

With digital signs, messages on one or a thousand displays can be updated instantly. This new platform allows Data Call to tap into information sources that require constant updating, providing a dynamic and compelling display. The main message, which can also be dynamic, then has a much better chance of being seen and considered.

It’s anyone’s guess where digital signage will ultimately lead, but Data Call has established key relationships within both the signage and information resource industry. There’s little doubt that digital signage will continue to grow, and there’s now little doubt that Data Call will, as an increasingly integral part, grow with it.

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