Headquartered in Houston, Texas, DataCall Technologies, Inc. is a company that focuses on offering real-time information/content to the Digital Signage community. They present this information in a uniquely packaged, rich user experience. They combine this with a multitude of delivery methods, so they can offer information the way users want to receive it. DataCall Technologies, Inc. trades on the OTCBB as part of the Business Services industry.

Data Call’s information feeds are available for viewing throughout digital signage networks in numerous venues. These include gas stations, airports, sports arenas, banks, clinics, car dealers, and manufacturing plants. They also include luxury condominium information systems, cell phones, elevators, and electronic digital billboards, among many others.

Yesterday, DataCall Technologies, Inc. announced that they agreed to enter into negotiations for the 100 percent acquisition of PrioServ, Inc. A privately held company also based in Houston, Texas, PrioServ is a technology service company that specializes in the installation, deployment, and management of Digital Signage systems, as well as VOIP, corporate networks, server installation, and management.

“This acquisition will strongly assist DataCall in posturing itself for the expected growth in the technology industries for both Digital Signage and IT networks. The added service that DataCall will be able to provide its partners is exponential. We have been assisting with network deployments for quite some time, and the ability to offer these more specialized services brings DataCall to the next level of expertise,” stated Tim Vance, CEO of DataCall.

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