DataCall Technologies is all about realizing the full potential of digital signage. Digital Signage has taken off in a big way all across the country, and the world, with spending for the new technology expected to top $1.6 billion in North America alone this year, up 24% from last year. Moreover, there are no indications that this growth will slow. That’s because of the tremendous advantages afforded by transitioning to this new way of displaying information.

Digital signage replaces old fashioned static signs with digital technology, offering a whole new range of communication possibilities. Besides providing displays that are bright and eye-catching, both day and night, it adds an entirely new dimension, the dimension of time. Most traditional signs are limited to one fixed message, with expensive and problematic mechanical signs sometimes offering two or three. But digital signs offer a virtually unlimited number of messages, programmable to change and display instantly, at any time, in any conceivable combination. Different messages can be displayed at different times of the day to target different markets. The same is true for different times of the week or month or year. Displays can also be split to offer more than one message at the same time as well as be animated, providing motion within a message.

One of the big advantages to digital signage, of course, is that the displays can be instantly updated, which is where DataCall Technologies plays a major role. DataCall offers an extensive library of continuously updated digital signage content that is a powerful draw to viewers. Up-to-the-minute news, weather, sports, traffic, financial and other information grabs viewer attention, allowing the main message to have its fullest impact.

DataCall’s revenue and customer base has show impressive growth over the past few years. Early on, the company established well thought out strategies and corporate partnerships, making it able to penetrate nearly all digital signage venues. DataCall’s feeds are now seen in hotels, medical centers, resorts, banks, restaurants, schools and universities as well as on billboards. The increasing affordability of the technology continues to fuel the growth of DataCall and the digital signage industry.

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