DataCall Technologies Inc. is uniquely positioned to share in the explosive growth of the digital signage industry as it follows projections to become a multi-billion dollar market by 2011. DataCall provides real-time content for digital signs, key to drawing the attention of passing viewers to a sign’s main message. Their active displays include news, weather, sports, traffic, and even financial information, and have been shown to be an important component in the effective use of digital signage technologies.

The effect is compelling. Even Doppler radar imaging can now be used to provide storm tracking, making it almost impossible for targeted viewers not to look. Furthermore, studies have shown that the majority of viewers feel that the DataCall’s active content actually enhances the overall viewing experience.

DataCall has both the expertise and the needed relationships in the industry to take full advantage of what is being called the signage revolution. The company is already involved in the next wave of digital signage content, such as delivering active content video, and the implementation of interactive digital signage. This includes the potential use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) to deliver active content directly to customers via their cell phones, and allowing viewers to create their own digital signing experience through text messaging.

In developing active content, DataCall has always given priority to three major factors:

• Reliability
• Objectivity
• Ease Of Implementation

To ensure reliability and objectivity of content, DataCall opted to license information directly from the leaders in news, weather, sports, and finance, as opposed to simply grabbing readily available feeds from the Internet. And, by handling all the licensing and sourcing up-front, DataCall addresses ease of implementation for implementers, providing a one-stop-shop for active content.

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