In nearly every industry there are competitors all trying to grow their revenues and capture the largest market share. Many factors go into play in achieving market domination ranging from aggressive marketing, award winning customer service, an excellent product line, and competitive pricing. But at the end of the day, what truly matters is that sales growth is outpacing the competition.

Data Call Technologies, Inc. (DCLT.OB) offers a wide array of fresh, real-time content information feeds that can be viewed throughout digital signage networks in numerous venues, including airports, sports arenas, banks, clinics, car dealers, manufacturing plants, cell phones, elevators, electronic digital billboards, and many more. As with any business, however, there is competition.

The largest competitor in the digital signage industry is Ronin Technologies, Inc. (RNIN), a company offering a complete software solution designed to address the evolving digital signage market. This technology allows clients to customize distribution with network management, playlist creation and scheduling, as well as database integration.

Earlier this month, Ronin Technologies announced its second quarter results for the current year. Revenues fell from $1.6 million to $1.0 million year-over-year. On the other hand, Data Call has been rapidly growing its revenues while simultaneously decreasing expenses. As of the last reported period, the company announced sales revenue growth of 44% while expenses decreased 22%. Data Call certainly seems to be capturing an increasing amount of the total market share while streamlining their internal processes; all signs of a well managed establishment.

Data Call Technologies hasn’t shown any sign of slowing down either. Just this month the company issued a press release announcing that its products and services are now being delivered to a total of 36 U.S. states, and hinted that it will be penetrating global markets. With growth in the digital signage expected to continue to grow to $2.6 billion this year in America alone, Data Call is well positioned with its broad array of content offerings.

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