DataCall Technologies, Inc. was created in 2002 when digital signage became a prevalent means of communication in the advertising market. Just as the demand for digital signage increased, DataCall began to hear the ever expanding request for on-demand content – the ability to keep digital signage fresh, live and in motion.

Responding to this call, DataCall formulated a vision that the company would support this growing community by delivering real-time information to consumers. DataCall management has worked vigorously in an effort to continually improve the delivery, security and variety of this information to the Digital Signage community. As a result, DataCall provides the most effective and complete live feeds in the digital signage industry.

Further, DataCall is committed to providing service to both manufacturers and end users. As digital signage continues to grow and mature, DataCall will continue to utilize cutting edge technology, constantly working on innovations to allow further expansion of the company.

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