Suns out, buns out, “Dating Naked” fans. On Wednesday, the hit VH1 series returned with another installment from the show’s third season. And from what we saw in episode 3, titled “Drag and Drop,” it looks like the dating drama is heating up hotter than the island of Bora Bora.

In episode 3, the show’s core contestants Natalie and David were introduced to new suitors — newcomers who seemed to stir the pot for episode 2’s keepers. Both Zakk and Nicole became territorial of the contestants they were vying after when they witnessed a spark occurring between the newcomers and their perspective suitors.

Check out all the chaos that ensued in Season 3, episode 3 of “Dating Naked” below:

1. Zakk Lets Natalie Know What He Really Thinks Of Her Jokes

2. Natalie’s New Suitor Claims To Have “Psychiatric Abilities”

3. Girls Are Like Ovens...

4. Worst. Date. Ever

5. Natalie vs. Cheeseburgers

6. Nicole And David’s Relationship Heats Up

7. Natalie Is Half-Mermaid

8. David Goes Drag

9. Uh Oh. Zakk Is Jealous Of Sam!

10. Zakk Isn’t The Only One Feeling Threatened

11. Zakk Begins To Creep Natalie Out

12. David Makes His Choice ... And He Doesn’t Pick The Woman He Slept With

“Dating Naked” airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on VH1.