One of the keys to the success of Daulton Capital Corp., a Nevada based finance company targeting gold and other natural resource projects, is its ability to identify and leverage rising natural resources. That’s exactly what the company has done with its current gold projects in Canada’s Yukon Territory. The price of gold has exploded in the past 10 years, and the continuing high debt and loose monetary policies that are driving the world economy point to yet higher gold prices in the future.

In an earlier presentation at the Gold Outlook Asia conference held in Hong Kong, gold guru Jeff Nichols emphasized that the world’s ongoing economic crisis is the result of decades of easy money, low interest rates, and the expansionary monetary and fiscal policy of the United States, in conjunction with growing Asian exports. Even now, the government continues with massive injections of liquidity and stimulus, which can be expected to result in increased debt, currency debasement, and higher inflation, all of which will push up the price of gold, possibly for years to come. Although there will inevitably be volatility, as investor emotions ebb and flow on the basis of short term news, the bull market for gold should be around for a long time.

Nichols commented in his speech: “We are in this mess today because America borrowed and spent too much, because we created too much credit, pumped out too much liquidity, and often kept interest rates too low- and the rest of the world was willing to go along. Now, the politicians and policy-makers are telling us the cure is more spending, more borrowing, bigger deficits, more credit, more liquidity, and negative real interest rates.”

In addition, worldwide gold production has been slow to pick up the slack, holding fairly steady during gold’s spectacular price ascent. This is largely because the elaborate and costly process of finding and developing new gold production can take many years. Add to this the push by China, India, and other countries to encourage the holding of gold by individuals and small institutions, and it becomes clear why Daulton has chosen gold as one of the rising stars it is riding into the future.

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