One of Daulton Capital’s promising gold properties is the Hunker Project, consisting of 121 Yukon Quartz Mining Claims located in the Dawson Mining District, Yukon Territory, Canada. The 6,000 acre claim block is just 15 miles southeast of Dawson City, and is easily accessible by all-weather roads along Hunker Creek, one of the Klondike’s historic gold producing placer creeks. Most zones of interest in Hunker are less than 1.5 km from a road, and are often adjacent to one, resulting in less than an hour’s drive to Dawson City.

The area has been shown to have a northwest trending thrust fault, and casual prospecting has turned up crystalline gold and gold nuggets, with noteworthy copper levels found in soil surface samples. Earlier regional soil samples have outlined a gold/copper soil anomaly measuring 550 meters, with gold values as high as 187 ppb, and copper values as high as 321 ppm. In 2003, an independent geologist’s evaluation of the thrust fault area concluded that it had the potential for hosting “productive gold-quartz veins of potentially economic gold pockets”.

The placer gold mined immediately downstream from the zones is often rough, ragged, and attached to quartz, suggesting a locally derived source. Zones are either gold only, or gold with arsenic and a bit of lead. Though the Hunker gold bearing zones of interest have not yet been drilled, permitting is in place or applications are being prepared to allow for exploration such as excavator trenching and diamond drilling, and the properties can be drill ready with only a limited amount of work.

After an independent geologist’s evaluation was completed on part of the claim packages covering mostly the thrust fault area, the author’s final conclusion was: “In the authors view, this is the only significant area of preserved hanging-wall ophiolitic host rocks identified to date on the Klondike, with the potential for hosting productive gold-quartz veins of economic grades (average of 0.5 oz/t Au) with the potential for very gold rich pockets (100+ ounces to the ton)”.

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