The stated core goal of Daulton Capital Corp. is to grow shareholder value while limiting investment risk. This investor focus is of special importance in their role as a finance company targeting gold and other natural resource projects.

Unlike other companies, who are tied to a specific invention or technology, Daulton is an investment company, able to evaluate ranges of opportunities. As such it can avoid projects that do not meet its own strict financial requirements.

In addition, the company cultivates the kind of operational philosophy that builds investor trust, emphasizing:

• Transparent and ethical management

• Leadership in safety, health, and the environment

• Responsible and community-strengthening business practices

• Engagement of industry experts and best-practice exploration technologies

• Industry visibility through other resource industry contacts and large institutional investors

With this approach, Daulton considers itself in the optimum position to capitalize on the growing worldwide demand for resources, including gold, silver, copper, oil and gas. They point to Peter Schiff, one of the few financial visionaries who accurately predicted the subprime meltdown and ongoing recession. According to Schiff:

“If you really want to grow your wealth, you should own gold in the mining sector. With gold stocks, there’s obviously a lot of leverage to higher gold prices. As millions or billions of people discover gold as a store of value and as a way to escape inflation, there’s going to be tremendous demand and somebody’s going to have to supply that demand. It’s obviously going to have to be mined. So the companies that have gold and mine it are going to see profit margins explode.”

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