A new video has emerged in which LA Galaxy star David Beckham bends three footballs into far away rubbish bins while on a California beach, promoting questions of whether he really did it or whether the incident was staged. 

So popular is the video that it has generated over 1.3 million hits in Youtube. In the 69-second clip, Beckham, decked in casual khaki shorts and a white shirt, attracts gasps of shock and admiration from the cameraman when he bends three footballs into rubbish bins placed at quite a distance, before sipping on a can of a popular soft drink. He finds the mark while barefoot, making the whole video a must-watch.

However, the doubts linger on whether it was a stunt or was real and when Beckham was asked the question in Toronto on Tuesday morning, he said, Of course. I spent five or six hours on the beach, so i had a lot of time to practice. 

The jury is out on that one. You can watch it a decide for yourself. Below is the video.