David Gray, an obsessive investment banker for JP Morgan, has been convicted of carrying out a cross-Atlantic stalking mission in an aim to re-kindle his relationship with his ex-mistress, Daniela Rausnitz.

The relationship started in a JP Morgan office when 28-year old Gray set his eyes on Rausnitz, a beautiful brunette who at the time was working as an unpaid intern.  When the 25-year-old finished college and took up a full time position at the firm the two embarked on an affair, regardless of Gray's marriage.

 The couple dated for one year before Rausnitz confided that she was being sexually harassed by a senior member in the office and decided to transfer to London and break up with Gray. Her move ignited a new wave of obsession within Gray who was reported having sent 176 texts in the period of 24-hours.

You think that's bad? He then got on a plane, arrived in London, and showed up at a Rausnitz's hotel room where she was staying with her father, and pretended to be a member of the Israeli secret service telling hotel staff he needed to speak to her urgently, according to the Daily Mail.

As bizarre as it was, that was only a smidgen of his impulsive behavior. He also planted a tracking device on her phone, hacked into her email account, trespassed into her apartment and claimed his sister had died to get her attention, the Huffington Post reported.

Gray was convicted of harassing Rausnitz's by the West London Magistrates' Court on Monday. After finding out Rausnitz had a new boyfriend he flew to London four times and subjected his victim to endless messages and impromptu visits spurred by jealousy.  He even collapsed in front of her at Heathrow airport, which he claims was a result of stress.

In court, Gray admitted to his lies telling the court he was a broken man. His Solicitor told the Daily Mail that his client was a pathetic lovelorn fool. He stressed the  behavior was not criminal;however, The problem was the last few days in August. He felt she had placed him on a pedestal and then kicked it from underneath him, his solicitor told the court.

 Rausnitz wept in court as she described the different incidents she had been subjected to. She told them she had many sleepless nights where she felt scared and had to take time off work as a result.

Gray was discharged from the court on the grounds that he would leave his former mistress alone, according to Business Insider. Gray graduated from Cornell University in 2005 with a degree in Industrial & Labor Relations and Economics and has worked at JP Morgan, but following his conviction he is likely to be fired.

Meanwhile, on the subject of investment bankers as boyfriends, a user on Reddit claims to have recently been subjected to a similar kind of obsession. She posted an email from Mike, an apparent investment banker who asked, her, Lauren, to go on another date after they met at the New York Philharmonic. . You can view the letter here.