David Guetta is on an India tour. The French DJ's first performance was in Gurgaon Friday, and a rich crowd of over 6000 people danced non-stop to his tunes.

When I left for India, I didn't know what to expect. Whether to expect a crowd of 600 or 6,000. It's so wonderful to see that it's a crowd of 6,000 plus, Guetta said in the midst of his show.

The DJ and house music producer played for more than an hour and got the crowd going berserk with his chart-topping hits like When love takes over, Gettin over you, Without you, Sweat, Where them girls at and Sexy bitch, before reaching a crescendo with I got a feeling.

It seemed that the French musician really wanted to test his audience's knowledge of his numbers. At various times during the performance, Guetta lowered the volume of his tunes and let the crowd sing along. He was surely taken aback when the crowd sang his numbers in unison.

I never knew people in India knew my music so well, said Guetta with a huge smile, according to pinkvilla.com.

I thank you for coming down to my very first show in the country. I hope my friends are filming this because I want to remember this as one of my best memories this year. I want to remember Delhi forever, you are beautiful, he said. 

His next performance was in Pune. It was only around 8 pm that fans could finally get a glimpse of the Grammy Award-winning DJ, after a long wait Saturday.

The crowd in Pune just needed a glimpse of the musician to go crazy. Guetta greeted his fans saying Wats Up Pune, are you guys ready for the party? This is my first trip to India.

He played Nothing but the Beat to start with, followed by There's just no gettin over you, and Sweat.

Pune fans must have been luckier than their Gurgaon counterparts as what they got as a surprise was  the appearance of Senegalese American R&B recording artiste and singer Akon. Guetta and Akon enthralled the audience with Sexy bitch and Crank it up. Pune saw a crowd of around 7000 people.

The party rocker is set to get the Bangalore crowd wild with his music Sunday evening.