David Kwiatkowski, a traveling laboratory technician, is accused of causing a hepatitis C outbreak and infecting 30 patients in New Hampshire, according to the Associated Press.

Kwaitkowski allegedly was himself suffering from hepatitis C, and he contaminated syringes that were later used on patients, AP reported. Thirty of these patients were later diagnosed with the same strain of hepatitis C carried by the accused, AP said.

Kwaitkowski is also accused of stealing anesthetic drugs from Exeter Hospital, according to AP.

Before being employed by the New Hampshire hospital, Kwaitkowski worked in Maryland and Michigan. A representative of the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore said David Kwiatkowski worked in the cardiac-catheterization lab there from July 2009 to January 2010.

The Michigan Department of Community Health said Kwiatkowski also worked in that state, and officials are working to determine exactly where.

According to court documents cited by AP, Kwiatkowski told investigators he did not steal drugs, is not a shooter, and is in fact afraid of needles. AP reported he also said he was allergic to fentanyl, the powerful anesthetic that he is accused of stealing.

Meanwhile, Kwiatkowski also told investigators he lied to a lot of people and fabricated my life, saying two of the biggest lies he told centered on his claims that he played baseball at the University of Michigan and that his fiancee had died, AP said.

AP also reported that when investigators asked him how the patients had contracted hepatitis C, he told them, You know, I'm more concerned about myself, my own well-being.