Venezuela struggles with days of looting, following widespread shortages in energy and basic goods. Deborah Lutterbeck reports.

Video Transcript:

It's becoming an increasingly familiar sight.

A store broken open -- covered in debris left by looters.

It comes as Venezuela grapples with widespread shortages.

This store owner, Jose Vega, says the police have been of little help.


"We arrived here at 9.30 P.M.. The police were still here, circling around. And, what did they do? Nothing! People carried on looting at 9 in the evening, and the police did nothing."

While security is tightened, the anger persists.

Venezuela's opposition launched a petition to remove President Nicolas Maduro over the economic crisis. The congress ordered the food minister to be sacked over shortages.

It's a political move that may be ignored -- but the ongoing shortages are likely to keep the pressure on until there is some relief.