Casey Moss, an actor on “Days of Our Lives,” is facing scandal on and off-screen. The 21-year-old actor was arrested Monday.

Moss, who plays J.J. Deveraux on the NBC soap opera, was in Scottsdale, Arizona, for a book signing. But things got out of hand when he allegedly tried to punch a bartender at his hotel, the Associated Press reports. The incident happened early Monday morning, but the AP did not get a statement from Scottsdale police until Wednesday afternoon.

Moss was at the W Hotel when the incident occurred, Phoenix ABC affiliate KNXV reports. When the bartender refused to serve him more alcohol, he tried to punch the staff member, police stated. Moss also allegedly shoved another hotel employee before a bouncer tackled him. Hotel staff called the authorities around 12:30 a.m. and Moss was taken to jail. He pointed out his fame before the cops locked him up.

“I’m an actor and I’m on 'Days of Our Lives,'” Moss said, according to police.

Moss was released from jail on Tuesday. He faces charges of assault, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. His arraignment is scheduled for Nov. 2.

The arrest happened after what seemed to be a very successful day for Moss. He was signing “Days of Our Lives: 50 Years,” written by Greg Meng, a book that commemorates the 50th anniversary of the daytime soap opera. He tweeted that more than 1,000 fans showed up to celebrate with him. Moss hasn’t returned to social media since his arrest.

“Days of Our Lives” celebrates its 50th anniversary on Nov. 8. Though the book tour doesn’t end until Thursday, Moss was not scheduled to appear at any other stops on the tour.