Soap operas aren’t ratings juggernauts these days, so they aren’t exactly guaranteed for renewal anymore. That leaves some fans concerned about “Days of Our Lives.” The NBC soap will finish filming the episodes its contracted for in the spring (though those episodes will air through September), and viewers wonder if the show will come to an end. However, it sounds like the network is hoping for more onscreen drama.

NBC entertainment president Jennifer Salke said that they hadn’t signed a deal yet, but cancellation of the network’s lone soap opera seems unlikely. “I’m optimistic,” Salke told TVLine. “We need to negotiate with Sony [Pictures Television], but I’m optimistic. We would like the show back.”

Some fans were particularly worried about the future of “Days” after the Sony hack last year. E-mails between executives revealed that the show’s future beyond the 50th anniversary was in danger, Serial Scoop reports. However, it seems the network has a much more positive outlook now. With the 50th anniversary event in November, even more viewers were tuning in and ratings were up three percent from last season. It doesn’t seem like “Days of Our Lives” viewers should be too concerned about the show’s future.

“We’ve been really happy with the show,” Salke explained to TVLine. “I’ve been over there seeing Ken [Corday, executive producer] and the team and the new writers. They’re an incredible group and we love the show. They got a [ratings] bump in the fall for their 50th anniversary. There’s a creative resurgence and exciting storytelling going on right now.”

Just because the show is likely being renewed doesn’t mean all the actors will stick around. Kate Mansi, who has played Abigail since 2011, announced earlier this month that she will leave the show. “I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed every single beautiful and messy moment of being Abigail, and will always treasure our time together,” Mansi wrote on Instagram.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for times.