Monday's episode of the NBC soap opera "'Days Of Our Lives" is about a stunning decision regarding future interactions between two people. The episode will focus on Nicole (Arianne Zucker), Eric (Greg Vaughan), Serena (Melissa Archer), Theresa (Jen Lilley) and Brady (Eric Martsolf).

The events follow Friday's episode, which showed Chad telling Abigail that he slept with her only to prove how easily he could do it. Ben also got curious about Abigail's situation and that's why he resorted to snooping and other tricks. Paige rejected J.J. when he tried to help her. Plus, Brady cornered Theresa.

It was revealed in this episode that Chad just made up the story he told Abigail. As for Paige, she plotted to hurt J.J. and her mom. Some creepy old man also hit on her and offered to buy her a drink. But Paige just told him to get lost. Rory witnessed what Paige did and complimented her for being an empowered woman. Unfortunately, she is still not over her mother and J.J.'s betrayal so she told Rory to spread the word about their affair.

Meanwhile, Eve wanted to drive Jennifer insane. She found out that Jennifer used to be confined in a mental institution. Paige came by to see her. Her daughter ripped up the check that she sent to pay for her tuition to Stanford. Paige told Eve that she doesn't want her in her life anymore.

Spoiler Alert! This article contains "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers. Read only if you want to know more. TV Guide reports that in Monday’s episode, Nicole will be trapped in a dangerous situation. Meanwhile, Brady will surprise Theresa about the terms of their interactions in the future. As for Eric, he will figure out what Serena has been up to.

We Love Soaps reports that Serena will prepare to leave town. The show posted a weekly preview video as well as several sneak-peek photos of the cast on its official website. Click here to see the video. Click here to see a photo of Nicole in a life-threatening situation. Click here to see a photo of Theresa and Brady having a serious conversation that appears to involve legal actions.