Kate Mansi is leaving “Days of Our Lives,” but Abigail Deveraux won’t be gone for long. The character has officially been recast.

Marci Miller will assume the role, Entertainment Weekly reported. The Indiana native has been in several short films, but her gig on the NBC soap opera will be her most notable to date.

“Days of Our Lives” films episodes several months in advance. Although Miller has just begun shooting her scenes on set in Burbank, California, viewers won’t see her as Abby until the fall.

Mansi hasn’t left the show yet, though. She finished filming this spring, but she revealed on Instagram that her run will last a little longer than previously reported. Although many believed her last episodes would appear in May, the 27-year-old performer has clarified that June 24 is officially the airdate of her final episode.

It sounds like Abby will be gone most of the summer, but it isn’t clear how she’ll be written out temporarily. However, when she announced her departure, Mansi noted she wanted to see Abigail through her current arc, in which she has committed herself to a mental institution.

“I want to be very clear in saying that this was not a decision I took lightly,” Mansi wrote in January. “It was important for me to see Abigail through the most recent storyline, as well as through the show’s historic 50th anniversary celebration. I can confidently say that I poured everything I had into Abigail, especially this last year, and cannot wait for you to see what’s coming!”

Miller is one of several actresses to step into Abigail’s shoes. About half a dozen different girls played Abby as a child, but once she became a teenager, the actresses started sticking around. “Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson played her between 2004 and 2007, and Mansi brought the character back to the drama in 2011.

“Days of Our Lives” airs on NBC weekdays. Check your local listings for times.