Dead Space 3, the follow-up to Electronic Arts action adventure horror, may include drop-in drop-out co-op, reports IGN. Players will have the option of slaying aliens alongside a male character with a gnarly scar on his face, his own engineering RIG, and glowing red eyes peering from his helmet.

Throughout single-player mode, this new character will act as Isaac Clarke's guide. In September, Silicon Era reported that the third installment in the scary space thriller will take place on a planet rather than a spaceship. The integration of this different setting along with a new accompanying character could create an entirely new, yet exciting game.

The gaming news site continued to detail the game's new enemies and plotlines, saying that the story begins when Clarke crash lands on the planet of Tau Volantis. The protagonist is forced to trek through the blizzard-ridden terrain, stumbling upon a fellow survivor who is severely injured. The survivor tells Clarke that there are others that made their way to another facility, one of which being Ellie, a main character from the original Dead Space game.

The new enemies will be referred to as the hive mind, a mole close to the game told Silicon Era. This is the first installment in the franchise where the main character will actually fight humans

If this rumored information rings true, 'Dead Space 3' will also feature significant gameplay changes, new enemy types, and a revamped weapon system, IGN's Mitch Dyer wrote on May 8th.

Another tidbit of information indicated some differences players can expect between single player and co-op modes. After a traumatic event in the plot, Clarke may experience some hallucinations in the single player mode, according to IGN. However, this does not happen in c-op mode, and players will be able to share their ammo and heal one another. An interesting feature added to gameplay is the integration of telekinetic communication between players in the co-op mode.

EA recently announced that the new title will be released before March 31st, 2013, but hasn't specified an exact release date. News of the upcoming Dead Space 3 was leaked by South African BTGames last month, according to EuroGamer.

When Dead Space 2 launched in January 2011, it significantly outsold its predecessor, as EA Chief Operating officer John Schappert announced last February.

The game launched with a 91 rating, and is approaching 2 million units sold in, with double sell-through of the original 'Dead Space,' he said, according to

With such a successful sequel, it's no wonder EA decided to go ahead and produce a third. With new characters, settings and enemies, Dead Space 3 is sure to be an interesting venture.