It seems like the horror is over in Freeform’s “Dead Of Summer.” In episode 7, Deputy Garrett Sykes not only thwarted a demon’s resurrection and saved Amy, he also took down the man responsible for all these terrible deeds. Sheriff Boyd was revealed to be The Teacher and the leader of the Satanic cult. Sykes shot him at Camp Stillwater.

Although it seems like the cult is dead and everything is back to normal, the camp counselors could not be more wrong. Nevertheless, the official Freeform synopsis states that the counselors will finally be at ease and try to fully enjoy whatever little time they have left at Camp Stillwater.

Furthermore, Jesse’s (Paulina Singer) backstory will be revealed in Season 1, episode 8. So far, “Dead Of Summer” fans have glimpsed Alex, Joel, Drew, Deb, Amy and Cricket’s past. The only characters whose past hasn’t been revealed yet is Blair and Jesse. Photos of “The Devil Inside” show Jesse spending time with guest-star Sharon Leal’s character. She is sporting short hair, a hoodie and jeans. She looks drastically different from her sexy look at camp.

The promo of episode 8 provides a sneak peek of what to expect at Camp Stillwater. Amy (Elizabeth Lail) and the other counselors are determined to make their last day of the summer special. Everyone is having the time of their lives. Even Amy lets her guard down and kisses Alex (Ronen Rubinstein).

The preview also shows Cricket’s (Amber Coney) spirit warning Jesse that it’s not over. Surprisingly, Damon and the other members of the satanic cult are resurrected. A creepy Damon warns Jesse that she cannot stop what is going to happen next.

Additionally, Holyoke is back.

Watch the trailer below:

Watch “Dead Of Summer” Season 1, episode 8 on Tuesday, Aug. 16, at 9 p.m. EST on Freeform.