The evil at Camp Stillwater seemed to have died down in Freeform’s “Dead Of Summer.” After Deputy Garrett Sykes successfully killed the Teacher in episode 7, it seemed like everything would be back to normal. Or so fans and the camp counselor’s thought.

Episode 8 proved that the demon is alive and kicking. “The Devil Inside” started with Camp Director Deb (Elizabeth Mitchell) telling the Alex (Ronen Rubinstein), Amy (Elizabeth Lail), Blair (Mark Indelicato), Joel (Eli Goree), Jesse (Paulina Singer) and Drew (Zelda Williams) that she was shutting Camp Stillwater. News of the satanic cult and the investigation are quickly going to make headlines, which means reporters are going to swarm the place soon. She wants to protect the children from all this.

Deb has 48 hours left to pack up. Given that this is the counselors’ last day; they decide to make it memorable.

Jesse Meets Cricket’s Ghost

Everyone is playing games and having fun with the kids at camp. Suddenly, an unexpected eclipse occurs near the lake. Everyone, including Jesse and Amy, stand on the lake bed to watch it. However, Jesse quickly goes into a trance and meets Cricket’s (Amber Coney) ghost. She warns her that the police are wrong – It isn’t over. The only way for everything to finally return to normal is if she throws Holyoke’s bones in Lake Stillwater.

Jesse is, of course, visibly shaken from meeting Cricket. She snaps out of her trance-like state after the eclipse is over.

Jesse’s Backstory Revealed

Meanwhile, “Dead Of Summer” fans learned some of Jesse’s secrets. She was a hardworking student who wanted to attend Northwestern University. However, her mother, a woman who has been behind bars for possessing drugs, just pretends to support her daughter’s dreams.

In actuality, Jesse’s mother is selfish and wants her to take care of her. Even though she works hard in class and pays her school fees by working at a fast food chain.

When Jesse has her interview with Northwestern University, her mother purposely makes her late. Still, the star student gets in and lets go of her anger towards her mother to celebrate the joyous occasion.

Once Jesse’s mother is drunk, she spills the beans – She never wanted her daughter to go to college and leave her. Jesse is furious, but gets in the car with her anyway to go home. However, her drunk mother gets in an accident. Before the police arrives, her mother orders her to switch places. If she gets caught, she will go to jail. That’s the reason she has a DUI charge. This selfless act ensured that Jesse’s future was bleak. She couldn’t go to Northwestern University with a DUI charge.

Holyoke Isn’t The Bad Guy

Jesse tells Amy and Garrett (Alberto Frezza) about Cricket’s little visit. Amy is skeptical that the ghost really was Cricket’s. It could easily be Holyoke messing with her head. On the other hand, Garrett believes her since his father’s journal confirms her belief that the demon is inhabiting the vessel.

Garrett and Jesse do a little test to ensure that Amy is possessed by a demon – They give a necklace with a cross. She passes the test when she touches the cross.

Meanwhile, Joel learns about Holyoke messing with Jesse’s head and decides to burn his cabin down. While pouring gasoline, he somehow gets trapped in the cabin. Once there, he learns about a demon, who is also the prince of evil, possessing its vessel.

Elsewhere, Jesse grabs Holyoke’s bones from the morgue and dumps it into Lake Stillwater just before sundown. Both Jesse and Joel are transformed to the 1800s where they see Holyoke trying to stop the awakening of a demon. Unfortunately, the satanic cult thwarts his attempts and makes the villagers believe that he was responsible for resurrecting the demon.

Holyoke instructs the duo to bring Amy to him so that he can exorcise the demon from her body.

Amy Kills Joel!

Jesse, Joel, Garrett and Deb join together to find Amy and bring her to Holyoke’s cabin. However, she is busy making out with Alex at Eagle Creek.  The creek also happens to be the fifth spot where an innocent will die.

The demon inhabiting Amy quickly shows her true colors when she points a knife to Alex’s throat. Garrett and the others try to talk her down. She/the demon lowers her weapon, but she refuses to get exorcised.

Joel gets a little too close to the demon/Amy and she kills him. Shocked, Garrett puts a few bullets on her chest. But she wakes up and charges at them.

Finally, The Demon Is In Custody

Fortunately, Holyoke arrives just in time to take Amy/the demon to his cabin. “Dead Of Summer” episode 8 ends with Holyoke preparing to remove the demon from her body.

“Dead Of Summer” airs on Tuesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on Freeform.

Dead Of Summer A major character died in Freeform's "Dead Of Summer" Season 1, episode 8 "The Devil Inside." Photo: Freeform/Katie Yu