It appears Lifetime is moving ahead with its latest original movie, “A Deadly Adoption,” despite Will Ferrell’s statement claiming otherwise. After news of the film surfaced in April, the 47-year-old actor, who stars in the film opposite Kristen Wiig, said he had chosen to “forgo the project entirely.” It doesn’t seem the network got that memo.

Lifetime has released the first official teaser for the made-for-TV movie, described as a “high-stakes dramatic thriller.” The short clip kicks off with a bang, showing Ferrell standing in a street sporting a bloody gray sweatshirt as a truck, driven by actress Jessica Lowndes, speeds toward him. Lowndes is shown crying while pushing the gas pedal to the floor as Wiig’s character looks on. The camera then shows Wiig wielding a gun, though it is unclear who she’s aiming at.

The movie was reportedly made as a parody of Lifetime’s brand of melodrama in celebration of the network’s 25th anniversary. “A Deadly Adoption” focuses on Ferrell and Wiig, who play an ambitious couple who hope to adopt the unborn child of Lowndes’ character. They care for Lowndes and allow her to live in their home for the duration of her pregnancy. Unfortunately it appears things go wrong, causing conflict among the three of them.

News of the film’s creation broke April 1. As we previously reported, the film is a re-creation of a 2007 film titled “The Last Trimester.” It remains unclear if “A Deadly Adoption” will directly spoof the movie or simply borrow bits and pieces. After the story hit the Internet, Ferrell’s camp released a statement saying he and Wiig had decided to scrap the “top secret project.” Despite having called off the film, a massive billboard advertising the movie appeared in Hollywood June 3.

“A Deadly Adoption” is slated to premiere Saturday, June 20, on Lifetime. Check out the short trailer below.