"Deadpool" has "Shoop"-ed its way to a third straight week as the number one movie at the box office, and the third-highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, with a $31.5 million weekend haul that brought its domestic total up to $285.6 million.

And that's just domestic: Another $40 million came in from international screenings, bringing the Ryan Reynolds superhero film to a truly grand total of $600 million. Considering the film cost studio Fox only $58 million to make, that's an awful lot of gravy.

The foul-mouthed assassin made quick work of new release "Gods of Egypt," the whitewashed period piece that placed second in the weekend's box-office race. "Gods of Egypt" cost $140 million to put together and made only $14 million, or 10 percent of its budget.

Don't cry for the studio responsible for casting Scotsman Gerard Butler and Dane Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Egyptian gods, though. Such a failure is, perhaps unfortunately, mostly offset by both the massive 46 percent tax break the Australian government gave Lionsgate subsidiary Summit Entertainment for shooting in Oz and foreign sales. Lionsgate was therefore only on the hook for about $10 million of total the cost, plus an estimated $30 million in marketing. (That marketing budget might explain why you feel as though you've been seeing trailers for movie for so long.)

"Kung Fu Panda" came in at number three with $9 million, bringing its five-week total to a more than respectable $128.5 million. The rest of the weekend's top 10 was the usual mix of long runs like Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar vehicle "The Revenant" and newcomers like the inspirational "Eddie the Eagle," starring Hugh Jackman.