Jim Sinclair is a true dean of the gold industry. In 2003, he launched his website Jim Sinclair's MineSet. He fervently writes his thoughts about the gold industry. This is what he wrote to his subscribers late last week.

The deflation being spoken of today is the catalyst for the coming hyperinflation. The fact is it has been so in all historic examples. The flooding of markets with debt has been brought on for different reasons, but the ways and means of hyperinflation has always been the same. Therefore, it is today's financial market deflation talk that is the reason why you should own gold. This continued downturn in business will find government in a panic, not in austerity when their constituency does the Greek dance of panic as the pain on Main Street becomes intolerable. It will. Contemplate what each of the following means to you one at a time. Do not try to do them all at once. You do not want to do this as a routine memory exercise as much as a meditation on why you have bought the insurance you have. -Gold is a currency with no liabilities attached.-Gold is competition to paper currency.-Gold is not a commodity.-Gold is a barometer of fear.-Gold is a barometer of confidence in Government.-Gold is insurance.-Insurance is not something to trade.-Gold is money when money fails.-Hyperinflation is a currency event, not an economic event.-Hyperinflation is a currency event described as a loss of confidence in the currency.-Gold in your hand eliminates counter-party risk.-Gold is the high ground when the global tsunami hits.-Gold removes financial agents between you and your assets. I strongly concur with this message. The catalyst for helicopter money is around the corner! Call us at Lear Capital to protect yourself with physical gold!