A 35-year-old man who was arrested in September 2011 has been sentenced to death after police discovered he was keeping six women as sex slaves in a dungeon, Xinhua reported.

The dungeon was only discovered when one of the women escaped and alerted authorities. Police at the time apologized for not discovering the sex dungeon sooner. The man, Li Hao, had been operating the dungeon under his house for close to two years and kept the women for two and 21 months.

The women were nightclub and hair salon workers who were kidnapped. Li repeatedly raped the women, forced them into prostitution and also forced them to perform pornographic acts, which he videotaped and posted online.

In an especially sick twist, it appears that Li may have forced three of the women to kill two others. One of those women is being sent to jail for three years. The other two are on probation.

Li reportedly is married and has a son who was eight months old when he was arrested last year.