Fine Jewelry: Pink diamonds are amongst the most rare elements of nature on earth. To celebrate the unique stones, DeBeers has created two special collections to showcase the very special beauty of the pink diamond.

The Enchanted Lotus Collection from DeBeers is a limited bespoke design crafted with unmatched expertise and craftsmanship to draw admirers into the singular sensation of the rare pink diamond. The natural color of the diamond is created under extreme conditions and deserves a special setting.

The Lotus flower shares its universal symbolism of purity, beauty and eternity with the diamond, making it a perfect match to enhance the rare occurrence of the pink diamond. According to DeBeers, Specially selected pink diamonds are woven into the center heart of the lotus by an infinite thread of diamonds, designed to highlight both the exceptional pink diamond and also the symbolism and rare beauty of the pink lotus.

The Enchanted Lotus Collection includes both bespoke rings and pendants to showcase the splendor of the pink diamond and the special Lotus flower.