Yesterday, Decision Point Systems announced that it has delivered proof-of-delivery (POD) functionality to SureXpress drivers. SureXpress is an Oklahoma City-based regional courier and freight company specializing in overnight, same-day and two-day delivery, operating throughout the state of Oklahoma.

Decision Point Software, a producer of enterprise applications, utilizes wireless, mobility and RIFD technologies to create productivity software for its clients. This software enables businesses to maintain shipping points closer to their customer base.

Switching from a paper-based tracking system, SureXpress anticipates that the new POD software developed by Decision Point will reduce errors and improve handling of sensitive deliveries. Mobile devices SureXpress had employed previously were found to be too delicate for their couriers and delivery personnel, and resulted in downtime.

Newer, more rugged mobile devices configured with Data Point’s POD software has been deployed to SureXpress workers. Data Point’s applications combine with SureXpress’ existing POD software for improved functionality, enabling barcode scanning, signature capture and image capture. The new services are components of Decision Point’s ‘Up and Running’ service package, which promises out-of-the-box functionality.

“SureXpress is very pleased with the implementation. It has dramatically improved productivity as well as compliance scan rates,” said David Sloan, CEO for SureXpress. Danny Cunningham, General Manager of SureXpress, added, “Tom Koenen, an industry veteran and Senior Account Executive with DecisionPoint, was a pleasure to work with and we couldn’t be more pleased with the rugged solution and DecisionPoint’s thought leadership, support and services throughout the deployment.”

“We are proud to have delivered the rugged hardware that has enabled SureXpress to improve productivity and meet compliance standards,” stated Brent Felker, DecisionPoint’s Vice President of Field Mobility. “The increased durability of the devices will deliver numerous benefits to their customers and we are happy we could help with the solution.”