DecisionPoint Systems, Inc., long known as a global leader in making enterprise software solutions accessible throughout a business’s architecture, revealed today that they have been selected to design and oversee field work related to RecycleBank’s new Asset Management Platform (AMP).

RecycleBank – the recipient of such awards as the World Economic Forum’s Technology Pioneer and the United Nations Environmental Programme’s Champion of the Earth awards – is enabling the proliferation of an environmentally conscious culture by motivating people to recycle with a points system that allows participants to use the points to make purchases at select local and national partner’s outlets.

With successful operations in over 26 states and the UK, RecycleBank – whose online portal acts as a focal point for end-users – applies cutting-edge RFID and GPS technology to carts and other elements of the system in order to track user participation.

Uniquely retrofitted recycling trucks weigh the contribution of a given user, and RecycleBank allots points based on that weight which can then be redeemed at any one of over 2500 participating businesses.

Boasting such environmental savings as 4.6M trees and over 310M gallons of water, RecycleBank communities have every reason to feel good about their forward-thinking actions, and the mobile asset real-time awareness system created by the two companies helps to facilitate the vast number of carts each community requires.

The AMP system employs a variety of datapoint-generating technologies like traditional barcodes and more advanced RFID and GPS to maintain situational awareness and support the maintenance of the cart network, and RecycleBank has even gone a step further in subscribing to DNPI’s ongoing support system, MobileCare™.

The comprehensive AMP system includes all the logistical necessities each community will require, and RecycleBank anticipates a forthcoming launch of the systems to its clients in order to improve efficiency and reduce the time and effort involved.

VP and General Manager of RecycleBank, Beth Kean-Waddell, showed pride over the technically advanced AMP system and pointed out its ability to couple an online portal with mobile software to create real-time asset awareness that “greatly enhances” the ability of municipalities and haulers to manage the RecycleBank system. Kean-Waddell also noted DNPI’s crucial role in making the system a reality.

VP-Marketing for DNPI, Tom Barber, highlighted the environmental reputation of RecycleBank and reaffirmed the viability of the AMP system for field operations, noting the improved efficiency and real-time data model goals the system has already achieved.