DecisionPoint Systems Inc., provider of mobile enterprise software systems, announced today that it is launching its MobileArc for Couriers solution as part of the company’s MobileArc Field Mobility program.

DecisionPoint is known for individual products and services for the interaction and control of various business systems from mobile devices, more efficiently extending a client’s data link to their field operations. The MobileArc Field Mobility program is the company’s most comprehensive mobile communication and management offering, including hardware, software, services, and support, allowing a variety of options and configurations for specific client requirements. The program provides application software and tool sets from multiple Independent Software Vendor (ISV) Partners in virtually every application category.

The MobileArc for Couriers solution is the latest addition to the MobileArc program, representing a front-to-back system for any type of courier activity. By providing high-end capabilities to even small “last-mile” courier operations, it basically levels the playing field formerly limited to the large national carriers. It includes the mobile computing unit, activation on a national carrier network, and the specialized software necessary for expediting delivery. With MobileArc for Couriers, a courier will always have the information needed for continuous tracking and delivery, all within a user-friendly integrated system.

The overall mobility market is expected to total over $10 billion by the end of 2010, with a 14% annual growth rate. MobileArc’s solutions are already used at major courier firms across the country, including Zip Express and Corporate Transit of America. DecisionPoint designs, deploys, and integrates these solutions using proven methodology and industry recognized best practices, managing every aspect of the rollout, including support services and help desk.

DecisionPoint VP of Field Mobility, Brent Felker, spoke of the launch. “We have developed an easy to use, turnkey solution that empowers market specific ‘last mile’ specialists to compete on par with the large national carriers. All of the know-how and experience DecisionPoint has to offer is now available in the MobileArc for Couriers service solution.”

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