Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board, Decor Products International is one of the largest manufacturers of decor paper in China. Decor paper is a specialty paper used to finish the surface of wood materials used in the manufacturing of furniture and laminate flooring. Decor, or decoration, paper is one of the fastest growing grades of paper in the world. The production of decor paper requires very specific technological know-how. Decor Products International Inc. has their headquarters in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China.

Established in 1999, the Company offers a broad product line to their customers. This includes 30g-120g PU paper, polyester paper, melamine paper, wear-proof paper, and 3D wood grain paper. They also offer different kinds of environmentally friendly decorative papers. The Company has taken a leadership role in introducing advanced microcomputer intaglio (gravure) printing production equipment. They can fulfill customer requests by providing tailor-made product design and color matching services.

Earlier this month, Decor Products International Inc. announced the addition of a new production line that they will use to manufacture a new line of laminated board. Laminated board is highly resistant to wear, heat, fire or smoke, and is easy to clean. It is an excellent material for kitchen producers, and related manufacturers. It is also a very easy material for cutting and shaping, with easy color mixing and changing. Consequently, it is also an excellent material for panel furniture producers and furniture designers.

The new production line consists of a new printing machine, paper impregnation machines, and hot press machines. The installation of the new printing machine is complete and the expectation is that it will commence production by the end of this month. It is anticipated that this new laminated board production line will be fully-operational in the second half of 2010 after the installation of the new paper impregnation and hot press machines.

“The addition of this new production line is an important part of our growth strategy,” said, Liu Rui Sheng, President of Decor Products International. “In addition to increasing our production capacity, it will also allow us to capitalize on the strong demand for laminated board.”