Defentect Group, Inc. is a developer and provider of rapid response software applications for the threat detection industry. The Company develops software applications that are critical to coordinating rapid responses to chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) threats. Founded in 2000, Defentect Group, Inc. has their headquarters in Norwalk, Connecticut.

Formerly known as Splinternet Holdings, Inc., the Company changed their name to Defentect Group, Inc. in March 2010. Their flagship solution, DM3™, is an unattended gamma radiation detection-network. It integrates data from a wide-area pervasive grid of sensors to an incident command center. DM3™ is networked using IP and managed over the Web. When high-energy gamma rays from dirty bomb components interact with the Company’s Gammatect™ sensors, DM3’s™ proprietary algorithms analyze the data and alert authorities to radiation that may pose a security threat.

Communication features of DM3™ enable the ability to receive and process data over a network from the radiation sensor to the command center as well as to PDAs, cell phones or pagers. The addition of strategically placed Gammatect Plus™ sensors enable DM3™ to identify the isotope causing the radiation, providing control over false positive alarms.

DM3™ software is the management and messaging component that provides administrative and configuration services for the detection system. Devices are configurable, status can undergo monitoring, alert messages can send to a variety of systems, system reports can generate, and multiple user accounts can be set with various privileges. The Defentect DM3™ intelligent threat awareness network can offer unattended detection, alerts, and messaging for a variety of threat-event detection demands including CBRNE.

The Company’s Gammatect™ sensor offers gross gamma radiation detection for threat level sources. The design of these sensors is to identify radioactivity of levels that would be used in a terrorist attack. The design of Gammatect™ sensors is for them to undergo deployment in a wide network to provide early warning and situational awareness. Gammatect™ sensors detect gamma radiation above 20 mR/hr in less than one second. They will detect a dirty bomb made with 60 curies of Cesium-137 at a distance of 29.5 meters, or approximately 100 feet.

Gammatect Plus™ is scintillator-based and enables real-time alerts and gamma-radiation isotope identification in an unattended perimeter or portal network. During a high radiological count event, isotope ID and date transmit to a remote command center, triggering an alarm. System administrators can designate alerts to be triggered to PDAs, cell phones, pagers or other mobile clients using the Company’s DM3™.