Syfy's “Defiance” will return June 12 with back-to-back episodes titled "The World We Seize" and "The Last Unicorns." The TV series' Season 3 premiere episodes are about the town of Defiance getting into trouble and the arrival of a mysterious alien race. It will feature the show’s main cast, including Grant Bowler, Julie Benz, Tony Curran, Stephanie Leonidas, Jaime Murray, Mia Kirshner, Jesse Rath, James Murray and Graham Greene.

"The World We Seize" and "The Last Unicorns" follow events after the Season 2 finale, "I Almost Prayed," wherein Irisa and Nolan were trapped inside the ship, and Pottinger and Amanda got together. To save themselves, Nolan and Irisa went inside one of the capsules Irisa used to save some people. "I Almost Prayed" aired last Aug. 28.

Alert! This article contains Defiance Season 3 spoilers. Read only if you want to know more about it.

 Zap2it reported in "The World We Seize," Irisa and Nolan will be freed from the capsule they entered in the Season 2 finale. They emerge from their confinement to see Defiance in trouble. Meanwhile, in "The Last Unicorns," Irisa and Nolan will encounter a mysterious race in need of help.

The official website of "Defiance" reports there will be three new faces in Season 3. They are T'evgin (Conrad Coates), Gen. Rahm Tak (Lee Tergesen) and Kindzi (Nichole Galicia).

T'evgin is the leader of the Omecs, an alien race acting as overlords of other alien races including Castithans, Irathients and Indogene. Gen. Rahm Tak is a Castithan, who is also the brilliant leader of the Votanis Collective. Kindzi is T'evgin's daughter.

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb) provided a list of guest stars that will appear in "The World We Seize," who include Clint Butler (Irathient Soldier), Drew Carrymore (Background) and Carlos Pinder (Human Shopper). Meanwhile, Percy Hynes White (Monguno Ksaruko) will appear in "The Last Unicorns."

“Defiance” is a TV series developed by Michael Taylor, Kevin Murphy and Rockne S. O'Bannon. It is about a new Earth in the year 2047. It includes several alien races such as the Sensoth, Volge, Gulanee, Liberata, Castithans, Indogenes and Irathients.

In this new Earth, St. Louis is now called Defiance, and it is where aliens and humans live together peacefully. However, there are still some issues that arise among them from time to time. Residents of Defiance include Irisa (Leonidas), Nolan (Bowler), Amanda Rosewater (Benz), Datak (Curran), Stahma (Jaime Murray) and Niles Pottinger (Jim Murray).