BlogI'll let him explain it in his own words here in a moment. I reviewed stock and options analyst Rick Ackerman's site and found that he is a free thinker. He has been in the investment industry for a long time and admits that he has always seen deflation in our front windshield. No longer. Here is what he said on his website last week:

I will need to find a way to break this gently to my readers, perhaps starting with the old joke you've mentioned about not having to outrun the bear. It goes a long way toward explaining how the Masters of the Universe will actually benefit from hyperinflation. You've also helped me understand how I could have been so bullish on gold (Eric's addition here - that is physical gold, folks) over the years even though I considered myself a hard-core deflationist. It was a conflict between head and heart, really, but you've resolved it with the most persuasive argument I've seen in favor of gold. Even better, you've provided a sound basis for arguing that at $1500 per oz., gold has barely begun to discount the dollar's final fall.

Most interesting. Welcome to the truth Rick! Read his post here: Hyperinflation vs. Deflation: I Concede Catch that folks? (physical).... gold has barely begun to discount the dollar's final fall. Start your gold coin or numismatic silver coin collection yet? Now would be an appropriate time! Call us at Lear Capital today!