The Temple Roof in Delhi by Stuck in Customs/Flickr

Delhi is a chaotic, intoxicating and captivating blend of old and new.

Delhi’s inhabitants take brand new transport systems to centuries old

temples and modern constructions co-exist with the rickshaw wallahs and

tiny alleways of Old Delhi. This ancient city boasts some of Asia’s

finest hotels, fabulous food and of course monuments, temples and


With fifteen million inhabitants, Delhi is a city teeming with

contrast, culture and history. As her capital city, Delhi is also the

very heart of the great nation of India.

Historically, Delhi was built as a succession of 8 cities, dating back

many thousands of years. In modern times however, it is easier to

divide the city into two parts – Old Delhi and New Delhi. At the heart

of Old Delhi lie some of the city’s most fascinating sights – the

imposing Red Fort, the Jama Masjid, one of India’s largest and most

beautiful mosques. As chaotic and enticing as you would expect, Old

Delhi’s narrow lanes and bustling bazaars reveal a glimpse of a life

unchanged for centuries.

New Delhi is characterised by broad avenues, tree-lined streets and the

Lutyens-era architecture of the parliament buildings. India Gate is at

the heart of this with the elegant Janpath and Rajpath (Queensgate and

Kingsgate) streets which lead from it. Connaught Place is also an

important destination in New Delhi with its many restaurants and

shopping options and the new Delhi metro system runs straight here,

making negotiating Delhi’s crowded streets a more simple process.

Delhi has much to offer the traveler – interesting museums, a host of

excellent dining options, thriving markets and a history which dates

back as far as 1000BC, there will be never a dull moment in this lively