Dell's roadmap for 2011 with details and probable launch dates of Android and WP7 devices, wound its way into Android Central and wpcentral's lap.

The leaked roadmap reveals names and minor details about the upcoming device launches in the smartphone and tablet categories. The leaked document although comes with a disclaimer Roadmaps are provided for general planning purposes only and do not represent a commitment by Dell.

Android Smartphones:

Venue: The smartphone runs on Android 2.2 or Froyo and is powered by 1GHz processor and is due for launch in the second quarter.

Hancock: The phone will run on Android Icecream which will be a version above Android 2.4 and is believed to bring Android 3.0 or Honeycomb elements to the smartphone platform. The formal launch date of the OS has not been revealed but Dell's roadmap points to Hancock's release in September. Hancock will sport a dual-core processor and will come with a 4-inch display with qHD960x640 screen resolution. It also packs in two 8MP and 1.3 MP cameras with 1080p video capture support.

Millenium: It is tipped to arrive by Q4 and will run on Android Icecream powered by a dual-core processor. It will have a 4.3-inch qHD960x540 screen resolution, an 8MP camera and VGA camera for video chat. It is due pack in 1080p video capture support as well.

WP7 Smartphones:

Wrigley: The WP7 phone with a slider vertical QWERTY keypad is due to bring Microsoft's OS goodness in Q3. The WP7 device comes with a 4-inch display with 800x480 screen resolution. Wrigley will be powered by a 1GHz chip. It also has an 8MP camera with 720p video capture ability. The roadmap describes the phone as Windows Phone 7 Next Gen which could possibly allude to a WP7 update in the wraps. If this is true, then the update is due in Q3.

The roadmap also reveals that additional features and enhancements are due for Venue Pro in April.

Android Tablets:

In the tablet domain Dell has got 4 tablets lined up. In Q2 Dell will offer the goodness of Android Honeycomb on its tablet Gallo. It will be followed by another Honeycomb tablet titled Sterling which is due in Q4. The roadmap also mentions that the Gallo will receive a hand-writing update in Q4. Also Dell Streak 7 is due for an update in Q3.

Come 2012 and Dell will launch two more Android 3.0-based tablets Opus One and Silver Oak in Q1.

Windows7 Tablets:

Dell also has few Windows-based tablets in its kitty under the moniker Rosemount and Peju. Engadget reports that Rosemount is a 10-inch Windows 7 tablet and has a screen resolution of 1366x760 with a capacity to play 720p videos. The tablet is due for launch in June. Its other Windows tablet Peju will run on Windows 8 and is due in Q1 2012.

While the roadmap offers a glimpse into Dell's strategy to place a product in every category, it also highlights tentative dates of crucial OS launches like Android Icecream, Windows 7 update and Windows 8 launch.