Delta Mutual, Inc., a company committed to increasing holdings in the energy sector; starting oil wells in Argentina’s Salta province near Güemes; and teaming up with major oil and gas firms in order to grow its sector footprint and asset production capacity, happily announced this morning the acquisition of a huge Lithium deposit which also contains other resources.

Lithium is a primary essential substance used in the manufacturing of long lasting batteries which see used in every industry, and in nearly every consumer product on the market, from cell phones to electric cars and solar cells, typically fetching a very good price as Lithium is relatively scarce and is considered by the industrialized world to be in short supply overall.

Quite a find then for DLTZ, which has affected – via an agreement with all interested parties – a 100% control position of the 350k-acre site in Argentina which, like the Company’s existing wells in North Guayatayoc, is located near a hugely successful lithium-potassium (Li-K) operation run by Dajin Resources Corp.

This operation, as a result of its similarities to the newly acquired site, leads DLTZ to understand it is now in possession of a truly world-class prospect. Furthermore, initial surface sampling conducted at various locations throughout the site, in addition to samples recovered from a small 12-meter well that was dug, clearly indicate abundant boron-potassium-lithium (B-K-Li) and its apparent relation to the existence of an ancient saltwater lake on the site.

The Company anticipates the existence of briny aquifers rich in the same elements found throughout the site, but will require a second look at seismic data (and probably some deep drilling afterwards) to prospect for the aquifers which represent a huge advantage of the site; namely, abundant water supply in conjunction with a geological system which continuously supplies the basin with the aforementioned elements.

Samples collected from different areas at 3 sites on the prospect generated the following data:

Casabindo River (currently utilized in a typical fashion by the locals for irrigation/consumption)
• Sample 1: 7.08ppm K, 0.56ppm Li
• Sample 2: 24.41ppm K, 0.15ppm Li

Maiden River
• Sample 1: 4.58ppm K, 0.01ppm Li
• Sample 2: 4.58ppm K, 0.01ppm Li

Aforementioned Well (hand-dug well used for human/animal consumption)
• 22.54ppm K, 0.15ppm Li and 253g/100mL of B