One company that has been on the rise of late is Delta Oil and Gas. Focused on developing North American oil and natural gas reserves, the primary purpose of late has been on the exploration of its land portfolio which is comprised of working interests in acreage in California, Canada and Oklahoma, giving the young company a global presence that is starting to take hold and grab the attention of investors across the world.

Recently, Delta Oil and Gas took a major step towards enhancing their position in the marketplace with the announcement that the third horizontal development well at Wordsworth, Saskatchewan has been drilled and completed. The well will be capable of production rates similar to other wells to the west.

Placed on a pump on September 25th of this year, Delta achieved an initial flow of 150 barrels of oil per day which has now stabilized to an impressive 120 barrels. The company expects to extract over 60,000 barrels of oil within the next two years.

Leading the way at Delta is their President Douglas Bolen. A renowned lawyer and successful businessman, Bolen took over the reins at Delta in 2004 and has continued to lead the company to an abundance of success.

Bolen is joined by Kulwant Sandher who serves as the CFO of Delta. Sandher is a Chartered Accountant with 14 years experience in finance and operational management, in both England and Canadian jurisdictions. Sandher was appointed as President and Chief Financial Officer of Turner Valley Oil & Gas in August 2004 and continues to serve in these positions.

Currently, the company stock is trading in the $0.19 range, soaring off of its 52-week low of $0.01. With the report of positive news on a regular basis, Delta may eventually become a well-known name.