Deltek, – the enterprise software developer and information solutions provider to a host of government contractors/agencies and professional services firms around the world, reported today an all-cash transaction of $26M, whereby the Company has acquired Washington Management Group (WMG), in addition to its FedSources (FSI) and FedSources Consulting (FSI Consulting) businesses.

President and CEO of PROJ, was extremely pleased with the move, saying that it represents a huge new opportunity to expand the solutions platform as a whole and to more fully engage the some 4k government contractors currently served by PROJ.

The Company has built a name for itself as a leading global provider of complete business lifecycle solutions for the government contractor sector, with a platform that already spans across multiple areas for opportunity including business development, capture management, customer relationship management (CRM), information and intelligence.

The addition of WMG, FSI and FSI Consulting will add a powerful network of market intelligence and consulting to PROJ’s platform, a network which already has a sophisticated and established relationship within the industry, and has enmeshed itself quite nicely over the past 25 years of operation in the government contactor sector. Collectively the three entities did an estimated $15M in revenues for FY10 (ended Mar. 31, 2011), have over 900 clients and 20k users, and are responsible for ferreting out multi-billion annual market values via identification/validation of over 3,500 unique opportunities in the sector.

The vast opportunity intelligence provided by FSI in particular, as a 25-year veteran provider of contract research, agency spending analysis and targeted opportunity information, when coupled with PROJ’s online exchange for government contractors, GovWin and the Company’s 2k plus member organization strong, government and research analysis powerhouse INPUT, constitutes an unparalleled government opportunity source which represents over $500B in annual market value.

But the synergy doesn’t end there, PROJ is now able to take their entire approach to helping contractors achieve organic growth and supercharge it by leveraging the expertise of FSI Consulting to provide highly customized actionable market analysis to contractors, allowing them to seize more opportunities in a timely fashion.

Additionally, full-spectrum government schedule consulting via WMG integration will allow PROJ to provide maximized revenue/minimized risk protocol structuring so that companies can do business with the government readily and with unprecedented ease for both ends of the spectrum.

President and CEO of WMG, Bill Gormley, echoed his colleagues’ sentiments on all counts, adding that the government domain expertise of WMG, combined with PROJ’s “global reach and industry-standard software solutions”, represents the most powerful tool companies have at their disposal for entering and winning in the government marketplace.