Deltron, Inc.,, is pursuing an agenda focused on strategic acquisition of symbiotic interests within the commercial and recreational diving field (from manufacturing to distribution and service), as well as ancillary sectors. By enabling companies via access to financial markets, expanded marketing capacity, and operating efficiencies, DTRO is centering itself as a conduit for growth well beyond the core business of subsidiary, Elasco, which produces PUR-molded parts for a wide variety of applications.

The Company provided a corporate status update today detailing the success of subsidiaries Elasco and Blu Vu, the latter a developer of innovative breather technology for extreme conditions, most notably a closed-circuit rebreather breakthrough which promises unprecedented performance improvements for commercial and recreational divers. DTRO is currently lining up established OEMs of rebreather equipment as customers, and projects an October 2010 launch date for the new bailout valve.

President and CEO of DTRO, Henry Larrucea, is a veteran of high-volume manufacturing for consumer markets, and brings his vast expertise to the role of developing the business at Blu Vu, where he drives marketing and acquisition development forward with the goal of creating the most in-demand rebreather technologies on the market.

Larrucea also noted the outstanding performance of engineered plastics molding and polyurethane manufacturing subsidiary, Elasco, which is able to make the Blu Vu products in-house. Larrucea went on to say that the Company will seek to grow the existing business while maintaining circumspect acquisitive activities.

President of 30-year industry veteran Elasco David Schindler noted the recent development of proprietary polyurethane made from renewable sources which promises carbon footprint reduction and improved performance. Schindler’s sage command of distribution, supply chain and manufacturing workflows empowers subsidiary Elasco to continue to set new performance records.