In honor of Labor Day and following reports that the U.S. economy added zero jobs in August, Americans are wondering what their futures hold in the workforce.

Just in time to supplement grave economic reports, 24/7 Wall St has released a list of the best paying jobs of the future. The ten jobs listed are expected to be the most prosperous in years to come in terms of hiring rate and salary.

These jobs will grow the most in the next decade and have median incomes well above the national average, 24/7 Wall St. wrote.

Almost without exception, these occupations will be in highest demand because of changes in the nation's population and in the way the country's businesses operate.

The majority of the jobs listed are split between data analysts or healthcare professionals. According to 24/7 Wall St., data analysts will come in handy in the job market as capabilities in technology for databases grow. Jobs in the medical field will also be needed, as the aging baby boomer generation will seek out more medical attention over the next decade.

View the slideshow to see the 10 in demand jobs with high salary in America.